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UFO - Natural Lamp Brown


   Inspired by "Steamline" style straight from thirties of the twentieth century. Great variant of lamp which could be updated with bids or extravagant bulb.

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Classic Natural Lamp Brown


  Inspired by Bauhaus style classic recycled paper made lamp is the most common industrial shape lamp, known around the world, and entrancing with it's perfect proportions and purity. Ecological scene


Tuba Natural Lamp Brown

Tuba Lamp


 Tuba Lamp is another example of  the most common shapes. It is very popular for making own designs - it has lot of space available to flow with the creativity. As all paper lamps it can be used as a message lamp


Recycled paper is better

Recyclable Industrial Lamp

   Make Your Lamp Recycle!

 As young designers of the 21st century, we want to inspire the best projects and give them a sign of the times. However, imbued with the needs of our reality, with excess plastic and overproduction, we want to create projects with organic materials, which keep pace with the rate of change that surrounds us


Tech Info

Concrete bulb holder


   Each, ready to mount lightening set contains: 1,5m electric basic cord, ceramic bulb holder, square electric connector, two plastic wire holders to avoid moving of wire and helping to keep lampshade in place, masking ceiling paper cup matching lamp, and the organic lampshade with own number.


Imagine Your Lamp

Imagine Your Lamp

   Do you wish to have a lamp that is exclusive and only for yourself, featuring your very own special and unique idea, but are too busy to make one? 

   Everything is possible!


Paper Ware

Paper boxes and container. Recyclable = PaperPetuum

   Recycled paper bowls, containers or boxes are perfect detail matching Your Lamp. They can be in the same color, or absolutely different just being the family of material.


   Try it Yourself!


Natural Paper Lamps

Natural Lamps

    These most popular lamps are made of natural, not colorized paper, mostly in brown color.


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Organic Recycle


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