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Lamps made of Paper are the solution for new way of product

They are not very heavy wight, but amazingly solid. Recycled paper can be reusable over and over, and it becomes higienic while drying on the Sun and it’s UV properities. It can be recycled pretty much endlesly, because the bigger forms can be made of any lenght of fiber – all depends of idea for new object, forms and function.
PaperPetuum Lamps are safe and can be hanged low – heads will not be as injured as might be with contact with glass, ceramic or metal. The hot air is comming through, so surface won’t get hot. I basicly use old fashion regular 60 Watts indalescent bulbs, and, until the bulb is not touching the lampshade material (what is the main rule of using any lamp), the surroundings are save. Please, save the evergy though, by turning the ligho off, when going out. Or just use LED bulbs.
ZenBox can become a lamp, what do You think about that?

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