As young designers of the 21st century, we want to inspire the best projects and give them a sign of the times. However, imbued with the needs of our reality, with excess plastic and overproduction, we want to create projects with organic materials, which keep pace with the rate of change that surrounds us.

   After eleven years of searching for an ideal material that has unlimited possibilities and creative potential in relation to its weight, strength, accessibility, and its organic sources, plus following experience with other materials – we discovered the magic of paper.

   The lamp shape refers to a period in the history of excellent design – and continues both its stunning simplicity and versatility whilst retaining an admiration for early industrial production – the Bauhaus, from a time when no one considered the production limitations that would arise from ecological demands but, rather, had the joy of devoting themselves to exploring new forms. The creators have dedicated their own search to the perfect balance between the project’s form and function.

    The lamp which we are presenting is made by hand, without the use of machines, and mostly employs the forces of nature and renewable organic sources. The manufacture of the paper, recycled from its earlier incarnations, helps to purify the water by evaporation and keeps all pollution in the paper itself.

Make Your Lamp classic, industrial recycled Paper


    Using paper is the result of extensive meditations on reality and the direction in which humanity seeks. The energy needed to please the whims of our tastes reaches a momentum toward a new aesthetic regardless of costs, which gives us another argument – the weight reduction in transport which can be translated into the amount of gas used …

    Each copy can arrive with a unique number stamped on it, which means that each lamp is special – just like you are! Or, it doesn’t have the number, being independent as a Water.

    The next issue simultaneously addressed here is the name and trademark rather than a series of logos that are concerned with advertising or promoting something or someone. 
This is because, surely, the most important thing here is the item virtually essential for life – in this case, a source of light protection – a lampshade.

    Yet in order to give a set individual character, a very important element in this post-industrial era where people want to avoid having the same things as others, we are providing an opportunity whereby anyone can design a lamp themselves and perfectly matched to the interior where the lamp could be a major accent, or can complement a wholeness. With these lamps, everyone can design a trim and decorate the lamp form’s base according to the individual demands of the composition and needs of the living space.

 We also strongly recommend energy saving bulbs.

    Therefore, the lamp can be painted, taped or even cut, giving it a unique appearance and the priceless value of time spent productively – creative fun (for adults, children, school projects, etc.). You can then even boast about your project on the profile makeYOURlamp :-)!

    So, Make Your Lamp! 😉
Ania Werner, 2005