Industrial Classic White Lamp

31,00 $

White (recycled office papers with greyish hint) – 8 pcs

Please, note, that this offer is for the shades only, without top part, which is masking electric montage on the ceiling. That gives more options for super fancy finish, or old school electric wiring with metal hangers, or whatever Your Idea might be. Lamp has no electric wires, what reduces shipping cost, and there is an option, that You have one from old lamp, or find something special elsewhere. But, If You wish to have a complete lamp with guts, ready to mount, just check out the electric options, or talk to us, for customisation.

Lamps has plastic stopper – it is just needed to pass the wire through. Brown have the black choke – white have grey.

Complete Lamps are available in other offer.

8 Lamps available in 4 days to shipment! For more, there is building time needed. Contact for individual estimation time.

Please note, that both shining lamps on the photo have exactly the same bulbs, but are giving different temperature of light – natural brown lamp gives much warmer and softer light than the white one – brighter and  cooler.

There is an option to paint them too! In the colour of walls, or just inside.

Lamps are completely safe, tested by us for many years, with classic, old style hot bulbs too. Just make sure, the hot part is not touching the Paper Shade. Rule, like everywhere else. With LED bulbs, it is even more safe.

Contact, if You have questions, ideas, or need more instructions and customisation.



Light gives character to every place.

Lamps are the finish touch of everything, the easiest way to make changes.
Lamps are like cherries on the top of the cupcakes.

Light makes mood.



Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 55 cm


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