ZenBox nr.3, Spotty Blue

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Set of universal shape round ZenBoxes contains six bowls, which can make 3 complete spherical boxes with covers.

Perfect for storage in completely new, decorative way – easy to put in cables, electric gadgets with style, or just vegetables, fruits, or delicacies, nuts, just anything dry. They look great on the top of cabinets, like something nobody else have, because each PaperPetuum set is completely unique.

Bowls can be stored also on the wall, what gives extra decoration with unusual, but positive shape vibration – both, functional and decorative, with natural look.

Not perfect matching edges of halfsphere are great for ventilation inside – also are useful for wires sticking out – they have a lot of options of usage. They can be made into lamps too! Just let us know, and we can make it a lamp.

Please, remember, that Recycled Paper is for dry items, and, filled up, need to be handle with both hands, especially big forms, even, if they feel very solid. But, it is always easy to glue them back! Instructions soon.

For more detailed gallery of this bawl, please visit the previous ZenboxBrowns website.


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Set of six round paper shapes by

Recycled paper bawls for decorative storage.



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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 44 × 44 × 44 cm


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