What would You put into Recycled Paper Containers?

Make Your Lamp Logo Cows Tit

by PaperPetuum

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Paper containers are the best for organizing dry, small objects, as well, as nuts, or jewelery. Please note, that the paper is not suitable for wash.
PaperPetuums are very handy and functional in their simplicity, as every design should be. They are light, strong in light use, nice in touch and giving very naturall feeling. Their function is so useful, that they will match every modern interior with love for natural look.

Make Your Lamp Logo

Can You imagine lamp and matching functional decorations?
Make Your Lamp With Passion.

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Try the new way of thinking about everyday objects.
About afterlife, and previous life. sign of times, where there is a great need to use up, what has already been produced.
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