Think about Your Future, about plastic concentration mass production, and about humanly made objects with Sun and help of Wind.
Make Your Lamp With Love.

Buy Your Lamp NOW only $55!

Note, thet there is quite dark in photoroom still. Working on it.
Lamps are grey with natural dark brown color, looks great in a daylight, which I don't have there yet. Need to make a hole in the roof :-)

Make Your Lamp Unique

by Ania Werner

Choose Your Style - finish it! at no additional cost.

Let me know, how long wire meets Your needs, textile wire is available at little extra cost, and also color. Assembling is free :-) Contact me about the details, please, before the shipping.

Ask for discount with multiple items too, as well, as cost of custom delivery - there is a glitch in the paypal basket.
Size of Make Your Lamp - 32/18cm

Each lamp is a very special individuum.

Containing Recycled Information and Power of Nature elements combined with Thoughts. About beauty of everything. With emotions made by birds singing. Filled with sunshines and craft - buying it You are helping a simple human to fix the surroundings. Fix it all. Recycle. Clean up.

Make Your Lamp Organic.

Feel the Nature.

Paper is not electrostatic, which means, the Dust buypasses the Lamp.
It's perfect for those, who doesn't like to clean up very often - dust is not very thick, nor visible on the paper. It is still there a little. Just vacuum it sometimes, and try to not use the wet cloth, especially before vacuuming. Make sure, the lampshade wont get wet, it is a Paper. If got wet, make sure to stuff it with plastic bags to keep the shape, put it flat and wait. Wet spots are ok when lamp hangs.

Always make sure, that the bulb is not touching the shade. It is not very easy to burn the lamp with 60W oldstyle hot bulbs, but it is a golden rule for using lamps. Keep the space.
LED makes no problem at all though.

Check out matching containers!

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Make Your Lamp
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