Paper is Better

Absolutely amazing and special storage boxes made of recycled paper will give the natural look to any interior space, no matter, if it's super-modern, rustic, or just a freestyle. But for sure, Recycled Paper is a material of the future, especially for the people, who deciced to commit to zerowaste lifestyle and conscious choices to avoid plastics. To replace high energy consuming materials to hand made by happy human connected to the Power of Nature, using Sun and Wind energy.
Freshness of the Paper structure can completely hide all small objects such as make up gadgets, or gamers things, like a magic courtain makes mess no existing, and even decorative! It seems, like a Paper contain no weight (it has solid feeling), that is why so beautiful.
This set contains 6 pcs, which can be also used as party bowls for dry foods (just lin a napkin), or the top bowl helps to find everything inside.
Handles are the option, but not included.

#PaperPetuum Shop 2020

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