Luna Lamp – spherical light Paper lampshade with bids

44,00 $

Orange/yellow or brown options are ready.

Lampset contains:

1,5m black/white wire

metal bulb socket

30cm paper lampshade

Customise is possible – amount of bids, colour or wire length. Just contact 🙂

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Spherical Lamp made of thin, semitransparent lampshade decorated with glossy bids. With its amazing structure, natural unpredictable surface, never repeated, unique patterns –  looks like a Moon or planet under the ceiling, making room very cute, gives enough light to be main source in small room.

Lampshade  is hand made by free and happy human being living in the garden of love, so the energy, cost of happiness is the greatest You can ever get. Zero energy used to made this lampion , except the extra fixtures which are coming from the factory robotic power, such us 1,5m electric wire, metal bulb sockets, and decorative bids. Human work is about 80% here, 20% is made by others and machines in the concentrated mass production workshops. The best way to reduce this cost even more, is to use the old wires from replaced lamp. It is standard mount.

Lampshade is very light – weight about 150g, so it is feels very nice, when accidentally hit. Also it is quite strong, so it survives a lot 😉 (but not too much). To clean – it is enough to use vacuum with hair brush, or just observe, how it changes with time. When stained – wipe it off with moist cloth.



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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