Nut Bowl – orange set nr3.

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Set of two recycled paper, hand made bowls for dry things. Perfect for nuts, or fruits, byt only, for dry things.
Paper boxes are solid, durable and quite strong, even, if they look delicate. That is the most beautiful aspect of paper – strong, but light.

Long shape is great to handle (suggest to handle bigger forms with both hands, and not by the edge) and it fits in great on the top of cabinet.


Orange colour reminds the summer, and blue – the water.

Check out other shapes from this unique colour batch.

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Please note, that the stored things MUST be dry, of if there are fruits, there is a necessary to rotate them and not let them rot in the paper containers. Fruits are feeling great in the paper arms, not touching cold metal, glass, or hot plastics, paper is keeping freshness and good vibes. Do remember, to rotate and check the fruits daily.

Each set is unusual and extraordinary, each tells a different story.

Paper is amazing.

dimensions of orange set of nut bowls by PaperPetuum


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 65 × 30 cm


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