Great UFO Lamp nr 1, light green hemp decor

59,00 $

Light and very decorative lampshade with leaf decoration.

Lamp gives very nice, ambient, little greenish light around, and bright directed down. Green leafs decoration gives feeling of the Nature inside. Looks great in the kitchen, or play room.

Lamp is made of white, semitransparent paper, with metal wire fastening, completed with metal bulb holder and 1,5 m electric white cord. Ready to mount. Bulb not included, and please, contact, if You need black wire, or different leafs (comming soon into the shop).


In this kind of lamps, we are using regular, old school bulb, but not stronger than 40 watts. We will test the 60 watt bulb in the future, but, if You like LED kind of light, there is no restrictions at all. I just have an impression, the old stule indalescent bulbs gives better quality light, which is not making eyes tired, and head hurting. But it is just my opinion. Only always make sure, the lampshade does not touch the lamp material, and everything will be great.

Light Paper lampshade is reducing the LED bulb vibrations in my feelings – test it Yourself!

Big Ufo Lamp Dimensions



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm


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